Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Blanket for August

When we found out were getting another grand-baby, I just knew I had to make something for it. Since it was due in May I decided not to make one of these blankets, because it would be too hot for mom to hold baby in it. Then came the news that the parents weren't going to find out ahead of time what the baby would be, so I knew then I would need to make something gender neutral.

One day while my daughter and I were brousing around an antique store, we found a baby quilt. It had blocks of muslin on the front that were embroidered with baby animals and the name of the animal. That was gender neutral and it was cute too, so I decided I could do something like that. I began my search for some fabric for the back of the quilt, first I found "ABC's" thought that was really cute, and I could embroider things such as "apple" "ball" you get the picture. Then I came upon this pretty Mother Goose fabric, it is so vintage looking, and mom and dad love vintage, that was it, I knew what I was going to do. This is a picture of my inspiration fabric. Isn't it soooo cute.

Then I searched on-line for Mother Goose embroidery patterns, here are a few of the ones I found. The patterns came from the same place, but some had a different font for the lettering, though it still came out really cute.
Jack and Jill, this was my first one, it's pretty detailed so it took a while to complete.
Four and Twenty Black Birds, this was probably the easiest one.

This is my finished project, it came out soooo cute. So much better than I ever imagined it would. Well the baby came May 16, it is a boy, this is their 2nd boy, we were lucky enough to be there to see him shortly after he was born. He was 10 pounds, 21 inches long, named August Penn Gardner, we can't wait to see him again.

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Cindy said...

We absolutely LOVe this blanket! And so does your grandbaby! VINTAGE rules, man!