Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hannah's 6th Grade Speech!!!

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On June 4th, my baby promoted from 6th grade to 7th. There are three 6th grade classes at her school. Every student in those classes had to write a speech for the promotion. One speech was chosen from each of the 3 classes, and that student got to say their speech. Guess what, my baby's speech was chosen from her class!!!!

We are sooooo proud of her. She had a little help from her sissy with the theme, but she wrote the whole speech herself. She never imagined her speech would be picked, she felt there were others better than hers, but the teachers who did the judging felt otherwise.

She was so nervous, she said she thought she would pass out, but she made it through. And I was such a proud, nervous mom sitting in the audience.

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