Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amanda's furniture installment #2

This is a dresser that Amanda & Brian picked up at a thrift store, they didn't want to paint or re stain, they decided they wanted to use a product called "Restore-a-finish". It is a product that you put on and is supposed to cover scratches, water stains, and stuff like that. Then also give it a nice shiny finish.

This is the top after the restoring, there were some pretty deep marks that didn't get covered, and some rings that I don't think were water, they were silver in color and didn't go away. However the top was filled with little pitted spots that were covered after 3 coats. I must say though, the minor scratches disappeared right off the bat with one coat. I was impressed.
Especially considering Michael dropped something on one of the drawers, put a gouge in it and that it covered it right up.

Here are a couple pictures of the front after I was finished. The scuffs around where the knobs were, covered fairly well. They were a lot deeper before I started.

The finish came out really shiny, it was very easy. In case you're wondering about the knobs, it got taken to its' new home before she bought new knobs for it. It is one more piece not in my garage anymore.

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Cindy said...

Looks good. I'll have to try out that product.