Thursday, September 9, 2010

Refinished Coffee Table

A year ago, when Amanda moved out of our house she decided she would go buy used furniture at the local Flee Mart and refinish it. Well... she put one coat of stripper on this coffee table and decided... I don't know what she decided, but a year later I decided to do it so we can get it out of our garage, this is the first installment, there will be more to come.

Here is the coffee table in the state that she left it, not much done.

Here I am putting stripper on it. I remember doing furniture refinishing in high school, and I remember that I liked doing it. I think I would like doing more, but when you have a job outside of the home, it's hard to find the extra time to do it.

This is a picture of the detail on the leg. It was so dark and dirty before you really couldn't see it. It is actually a beautiful table.

Here is the leg finished, it looks so much better. She prefers darker furniture than I do. This was after 4 coats of a dark walnut stain. If I was doing the table for me, I probably would have stopped with 3 coats.

Here it is in it's home. The only problem is now Brian can't sit on the floor and play video games, which was what he was doing when we brought it in.


Cindy said...

You did an excellent job. I wished I liked refinishing with varnish, too time consuming. I'm all about painting the thing, which has its own downsides.

Grammie said...

I used the stain that has the varnish in it already.