Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Daily Diet

Breakfast: Diet Pepsi, I know not a great breakfast. I had today off from work, and when I take a day off I like my mornings to be real lazy. I fix breakfast for my daughter before she goes to school, and when I'm off I like to just relax, get on the computer, read, anything but cook another breakfast. However, I do know it's not good to skip breakfast when dieting. I once heard a fitness expert say "eating breakfast jump starts you metabolism", so if you don't eat breakfast your metabolism is sluggish, and gets a slower start, which is the last thing you need while dieting.

Lunch: My "reward meal" Togo's, half pastrami sandwich, with half BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad, chips and a "real" Pepsi. That was the biggest half sandwich I'd ever seen. I had some errands to run so I felt like having lunch out today. If I had wanted to save my reward meal for dinner I would have had a whole salad, asked for the bbq sauce on the side, so I could control the amount that I ate, and taken off some of the tortilla strips, but probably not all of them.

This was my dessert with my reward meal. In celebration of St. Patrick's Day I had a Green Velvet cupcake purchased from this cute little cupcake shop in the town I live in. That's Icing on the Cupcake in Rocklin CA, If you live in the area you must stop by and get their cupcakes, they are tasty. The cream cheese frosting is so rich I only ate half of the cupcake, I'll probably have the rest tomorrow.
Dinner: Balsamic Chicken with Baby Spinach, I got the recipe for this dish from the Food Network website The recipe calls to put this over cous cous, I tried it that way once, Hannah didn't like the cous cous, and I'm not going to make it just for me, so without it this becomes a low carb meal for me.
Another little diet trick, I use the smaller salad plates when I eat most of the time. It tricks the eye into thinking I have more food than I actually do. It looks full.

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