Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Daily Diet

Breakfast: Soft boiled egg, and sausage patties.

These are the ingredients for my lunch. Many, many years ago Carl's Jr made a sandwich with thin sliced roast beef, swiss cheese and ortega chiles. This is my version, minus the bun.

Lunch: I put all the ingredients in a container for work, when I was ready for lunch I microwaved it just enough to warm the meat and melt the cheese. If this isn't enough food you could steam some vegies along with this, have a salad or some cut up vegies with ranch dip.

Dinner: This was my "reward meal", Meatball Sandwich and fried potatoes the recipe for this meatball sandwich can be found on my Recipe Blog.
I also had this dessert along with my "reward meal".
I know, anyone who has followed Atkins is thinking how does this work, I don't know it just does, for me at least.
Here is the disclaimer on the "reward meal". According to the book that I read "the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet", your body starts processing carbs into sugar approximately one hour after you start eating carbs. Therefore, you must stop eating carbs within an hour. When I explain this to some people they tell me "I could eat alot of carbs in one hour", it's not eat carbs for an hour straight. Once you start your "reward meal" eating carbs you must be done within an hour including eating your dessert. If you start your meal (dinner for example) at 6:00 pm, and you finish say around 6:30, if you are going to have dessert, or alcohol you must consume it before 7:00. You can't wait around till 7:30 or 8:00 and then go back and have that dessert. If you are the type of person that nibbles while they are cooking, as soon as you start nibbling on those carbs, that's the beginning of your hour, so I don't recommend it. Hope that makes since. All I know is it works form me, it is slow weight loss, on an average 1 pound per week, but I'm happy with that, as long as I'm not gaining.


Cindy said...

I will be implementing the roast beef lunch into my daily routine. Thanx for the recipe! Also, you have a new reader in my mom, she's digging it!

Grammie said...

It is pretty tasty. Glad your mom is liking my blog. Tell her to comment me sometime.