Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Michael

Today is Michael's 55th birthday.

This picture is of him on his 1st birthday, with his mom Arlene, dad Bob, and brother Steve, what a cutie he was.

This is his senior picture.

This is him with his son David.

Here he is with our oldest daughter Amanda.

And here with our baby Hannah.
There's nothing in the world that brings out the teddy bear in a man like holding his babies.

This is one of my favorite pictures of him. I keep it in my purse. He is sooo sexy in his OP pants. And I absolutely love the slight cleft in his chin. Occasionaly you need a reminder of why you fell in love with someone, this picture does it for me. We are on our way to Catalina. When he was student teaching he was asked to chaperone the senior's trip to Grad Night at Disneyland, and the next day they had booked a private beach on Catalina Island. It was alot of fun, though I can't believe I got over my sea sickness long enough to take this picture.

Again, another one of my favorite pictures. This is who he was for the first 20 years we were married. He had gotten his dream job as the Head Football Coach at El Camino High School, in Sacramento. He was always dressed this way, so much so, that our baby mistook a janitor at the high school dressed the same way, for her dad.

This was taken 4 years ago, on a cruise. I see him dressed this way more, now that he is a Superintendent of a school district.

In the last few years he has taken up scuba diving, and really loves it. Though I don't have much desire to do it.
There is so much more to this man, but then my post would go on for days. He loves his children, and now grandchildren, and he loves me. He is the love of my life. I can't imagine my life without him, he has been in my life longer than not. I cherish everyday that we have been together, and look forward to continuing to grow old with him.
Happy Birthday Michael, I love you!!

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