Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daddy Daughter Fun!

Michael is gone all week and home only on the weekends, so he tries to do something with Hannah as often as possible.

Here they are on the quads. There's a little creek and woodsy area not far from our house that they go riding at, there's a little pond so they fish sometimes as well.

This was for the Girl Scout's Daddy/Daughter Dance, it was an '80's theme. Hannah's costume was Cindy Lauper inspired, she wouldn't let me crimp and rat her hair. She also didn't want to wear some of my "authentic '80's earrings". What's up with that?

This was a trip we took to Apple Hill, they fished for a long time, the fish kept breaking the line on her pole, so they decided to rent one of the poles they have there and she caught something right away. I posted about this trip here.

This was one Friday night after he had driven home, she sat in his lap and told him all about her week, at school.

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Cindy said...

The fishing pic is my favorite! They look so happy. I remember when she used to sit on his lap, arms around his neck during restaurant outings. She's all grown up now, jeeeesh. I feel old.