Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A little country for the city folk

On Saturday, we went to Apple Hill. Apple Hill has become a tourist spot for those living in Northern California. It's located up Hwy 50 toward Lake Tahoe. There are roughly 40 growers up there that sell their apples, and various other fall produce, as well as Christmas tree farms. Early in our marriage we went up and there was hardly anyone, now it is crazy with people, especially if you go before Halloween, it's a little slower after. The first time I went up there I only remember one building with crafters, now there are tents popped up everywhere with crafters. Didn't take any pictures of that, because there is one main reason we go.

To put a little country in our children's lives, by letting them fish in this stocked pond. I know, stocked pond that's not country, but when you grow up in a city (as my girls and step-son did) it is. I grew up on a farm, fished in a stocked reservoir with my dad a lot.

Hannah and Michael right after we got there. Waiting...


YES! She got a bite we are gonna be done here soon and go look at all the crafts. No, it got away. Another one, it got away.
She decided she wanted to try baiting the hook, be careful you're gonna be a country girl before you know it.
Guess not, caught a tree.
Finally, after about 2 hours and a quick lunch break, she finally caught one, she was soooo excited. I did get a chance to go look at some stuff. I bought an apple pie, apple cake mix, and some apple juice. But none of that was near as cool as the look on her face when she caught this 1 1/2 lb rainbow trout. As for the fish...
It was tasty!!

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