Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cake Creation

Made this cake back in August from this recipe If I make it again, I will probably leave out the layer of apples in the middle. Only because, it's just Hannah and I, Michael on the weekends, he's not a crazy cake fan, and Hannah isn't a crazy apple fan. But I liked it.

But I must be honest, the star if this post isn't the cake, it is the Cake Platter.

I had been wanting one of these Princess House Cake Platter w/Dome since I was 19, and selling Princess House. It was a Hostess gift. You could only get this if you had a crazy amount of sales, and 3 people from your party hosted a party as well. I had been looking for one for a few years now, and I finally found one at a local antique store. You can find them on e-bay, but they usually go for 70-90 dollars, I got this one for $55.00 baby! Princess House stuff is probably my one extravagance. It is really expensive to buy new, but I look for it at flea marts, thrift stores and antique stores. Every now and then I find something really good, fairly cheap and I jump on it.

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