Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 1 of the Mad Dash

It started with the annual decorating of the house, and the quest to make sure Michael doesn't wind up in the Emergency room, from falling off the ladder. For a man who is afraid of heights, I can't believe he still does this. Aren't I lovely in my sweats and boots. I get cold. He's not quite done. Here is a picture from last year, it's pretty close to the same this year. But I'll put up a picture when he's all done.
Then the girls decorating the tree. Amanda came over in the evening to help Hannah decorate the tree. It's not quite finished yet, hopefully tomorrow. It is however missing a lot of ornaments this year. Amanda took all of her's for her tree at her home. See this post from last year, telling the story of all of their ornaments.

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