Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Mad Dash Continues

As the Shopping Starts.
Hannah is at the dance studio for 4 hours on Wednesday nights, so I spent a couple hours this evening doing my Christmas shopping. Got quite a bit done. It helps that I have done some online already. I have a little bit more for Hannah, and 2-3 gifts for other people. We are going on vacation, so I have 5 fewer days to get it all done.

The decorations are still in progress, Michael will finish the yard this weekend. I will probably finish the inside of the house this weekend as well. Not to mention, I haven't even started my baking. I did alot of posts last year displaying all of my decorations, and baking, look in the holiday archives.

I love this time of year, however I do tend to get a little stressed with all the stuff added to my already full plate.

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