Monday, August 31, 2009

Second day of Vacation

After breakfast and the painful Time Share presentation, we decided we needed some groceries so we went to Walmart (yes in Mexico) in a nearby town called Playa de Carmen. Didn't take any pictures of that, it was your typical Walmart. However, they did have this amazing bakery, with all these Mexican pastries and breads. They were serve yourself, you walked around with a tray and some tongs and chose what you wanted then an employee bagged and labeled them, no prepackaged stuff. My youngest and I love this pastry that I believe is called "Concha", the sugary frosting on the top makes it resemble a shell, we got two of them. I grew up in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood and a fresh bakery goods truck came down our street all the time and I would get these pastries. I'm glad one of my girls enjoys something from my childhood. Though I was rather disturbed by the fact that the stores in Mexico don't seem to refrigerate their eggs???? This is my burning question, does anyone out there have any idea why they would do that? I immediately put them in our little fridge as soon as we got back to our room. Anyway after our grocery shopping spree we went to the tourist area of Playa de Carmen to spend a little money. This is Michael and Hannah walking down the street. Brian and Amanda are in front of them. I am a lot slower than they are so this is pretty much my view anytime we go somewhere together.

Michael was hoping this little place had some fish tacos. I don't think it did.

Here we are at the end of a street that ends at the beach. It was so stinking hot there, you will rairly see me with my hair down, or with makeup on. It just sweats off.

Amanda and Hannah sitting at this street bar. As you can see the seats were swings. I'm not sure I would want to be sitting there after too many margaritas ; ) I would either fall off or throw up, not sure which would happen first.

We stopped in a jewelry shop, they had these amazing carved seats. Michael looks like a king sitting on his throne. Maybe not, you probably wouldn't see many kings wearing Hawaiian shirts. Anyway I bought some pearl earrings here. According to the guy they were supposed to be $600.00 american dollars, I got them for $100.00. During this little spree, Hannah bought a dress, some bangles and she got a silver necklace at this jewelry store as well.

They stepped into the doorway of a building that was in construction. Little sister is alot bigger than big sister.

After we had lunch at McDonald's, we drove back to the resort. Here's Michael and Hannah. It looks like Michael is walking on water, there was a ledge in the pool that he is standing on, and Hannah is sitting on. I believe that is Amanda and Brian in the background.

Here they are sitting at the Pool Bar. It was pretty cool, you could swim right up and order your margaritas. That evening the kids decided they wanted to get room service, so Michael and I went to the Havana Moon again for dinner, and danced again, another great end to another day.

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