Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Leg of our trip..

She's not going to be happy with me...
This is where it started, at 3:00 am driving to San Francisco to the Airport, to arrive 2 hours early for a 7:45 am flight. Flying is grueling. I don't find it enjoyable, I get a little nervous, but I try to be a big girl for my girl's sake. Hannah has flown 3 other times but she was so young she had no fears, and they were late flights so she slept through the majority of them. This time she was a little fearful, so I had to keep her calm. We left a nice cool San Francisco morning to arrive in Cancun at approximately 6:00 pm Mexico time and it was sweltering. It was muggier than I have ever experienced. I'll take 105 degree dry heat over 90 and 90% humidity any day of the week.

By the time we get our rental car we arrive to this beautiful resort, The Mayan Palace, around 8:00 pm. After checking in, and conceding to another grueling Time Share presentation, (in order to get a free breakfast and some discounts on our room and other stuff) we finally stepped into this wonderfully air conditioned room. This was the common area, just out of the picture by the table is a small kitchenette.

Aren't the colors of the couch fun and festive?

We finally ended our evening at a restaurant called the Havana Moon. We were sitting waiting for our table, and after the day we had with flying, immigration and customs I asked Michael, "Will you go get me a mango margarita?". It was just enough to ease the tension. There was a band playing music, after we ate dinner, Michael asked me if I wanted to dance, which I said "of course" it was a very nice end to the first day.

Here we are. Michael took the first picture, which included Amanda's boyfriend Brian, then Brian took this picture of us. Man, I look rough.

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