Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meatball Sandwich

I've never been one to order a Meatball Sandwich when I would go to a deli. Why would you order meatball when you can get pastrami, roast beef or some of those really good sandwiches. Well Hannah will only order meatball, she doesn't like lunch meat much, all the times she has ordered one I've never even asked her for a bite. Well I decided I was tired of the usual ground beef meals you know, taco's, spaghetti, and would make something totally different. I made Meatball Sandwiches, recipe here. They were actually really good, and miss Hannah, my meatball connoisseur really liked them, and Amanda my picky eater kind of like them too. I was pleasantly surprised, so I think they may be a permanent addition to the repertoire.

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