Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Sunday...

It all began with the baskets, as it has for 27 years.

The Easter Bunny put books and chocolate bunnies in the baskets this year.
Then after church, Big Sister hid the eggs, so little sister could hunt them.

More hunting...

More hunting...

This is Big Sissy Amanda with her boyfriend Brian, Michael took the picture so it is a little blurry.

Here we are

Bentley couldn't miss out on the Easter egg hunt.

This is me with my girls, in our Sunday best. Oops, guess I still need to teach someone how to sit in a dress.

Here are what's left of the Easter Eggs the girls dyed. The other half of this dozen were made into deviled eggs before we left to go to Easter dinner, and were eaten before I could even snap a picture.

Amanda & Brian again. This was taken and Uncle Dave & Aunt Alaina's house. This time Big Sissy was hunting eggs, Uncle Dave put money in them, you know how those broke college students are.

More hunting... Wow that's the end. We had a great dinner, and a lot of great conversation with family.

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