Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Desserts

When Michael's cousin invited us over for Easter Dinner, I was responsible for desserts, yum.

So, I decided to bake this cake. It is a vanilla cake mix I bought at Trader Joe's, it is soooo good. I used a powder sugar glaze because my girls don't like usual cake frosting.

Here I am putting on the final coating of glaze. The first couple were too thin, the third one was just right.

I also made approximately 3 dozen cookies. These cookies are made from dough sold by my daughter for a school fundraiser. It's handy to have tubs of cookie dough in your freezer. I keep it in the freezer because it is harder for the girls to eat it raw, they would eat it all before I could bake any.

Then Saturday night I decided we didn't have enough dessert so I sent Michael out Sunday before church to pick up a box of brownies, and I made them right before we left for the festivities.
Obviously, we had plenty dessert, I brought home about half the cake, a dozen or so cookies and more than half the brownies, they were good so they haven't gone to waste.

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