Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is sooo yummy...

But probably really bad for you.

One Saturday morning I was trying to come up with something different to make for the girls for breakfast. This is a doughnut made from refrigerator biscutts. This was probably one of the very first things I ever cooked in 7th grade Home Ec. You take the biscutt, form a hole in it and deep fry it. As soon as it comes out roll it in something. I rolled these in sugar. You could use anything, cinnamon and sugar, powder sugar. You could put a sugar glaze, or a chocolate glaze. I've only had them with regular sugar, however. The taste is similar to Funnel Cake, so if you go with that concept you could put whipped cream, strawberries, you name it. Though when your cooking them don't turn your back on them they cook really fast. Hope you try them and enjoy.


Kiy said...

I swear I just gained 5 pounds looking at the picture and reading your description! Oh my, yum. And I don't really like doughnuts all that much. But now ... I am craving one! It's almost 10pm here - think hubby would understand running to the store for some refrigerated biscuit dough? No, I didn't think so either. :)

Cheers, Kiy

nikkit3 said...

My family would like these!