Sunday, February 22, 2009


It took long enough. I can't even tell you how long this monsterosity has been sitting in my garage.
Hannah out grew her dresser. So I decided I would find a used one on Craigslist. Well, we found one that was the style she wanted but not the color. We got this dresser, and a night stand for I think $75.00, it's been so long I don't remember. This was a pain in the @#$ project, it has laminate on the top (how do you paint over that, right). Anyway, after researching on-line I decided to get the Fusion spray paint that adheres to any surface. Two, three, a hundred coats later, I lost track, I finally got it done, but the longer I worked on it the more boo boos I made. Michael's uncle had a saying about concrete and manure, not sure exactly how it goes, but the idea is the more you mess with it the worse it gets. (I 'm sure there were a few cuss words in it too).
Here I am way back in the beginnings of this project. You notice I am smiling, that didn't last long. As a side note, it is so true what they say about the older you get the more you look like your mom. Well, I totally have my mom's profile, her nose, her chin, add the glasses and I'm looking at my mom, except she was brunette. I started off painting all this silver trim, then I decided to spray paint the dresser, so guess what, I had to do the trim again.
Well, it finally got completed (I thought) and placed in her room. When we put the drawers in I noticed a place that protruded out, that I didn't realize would protrude out didn't get painted, &%$# it!!!! So I'm sure at some point I will decide to take care of it, but for right now she is happy with it and doesn't care.

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Cindy said...

Wow, it looks old Hollywood — love it!