Sunday, February 1, 2009 banana pajamas

When you can't find the exact pattern pj pants you want, you just have mom make them for you...She was actually looking for dinosaur pj's couldn't find them, and couldn't find any really cute dinosaur fabric. So when she saw this banana print she decided to go with that since "Banana" is her nickname (rhymes with Hannah).
Here is the pattern it called for pockets but she didn't want them. I had Thursday off thought, "no problem, I'll have them done in no time", well when I was cutting one of the leg pieces I cut about six inched on the xs size instead of the small size. Well the pattern was salvageable, but the fabric wasn't so I had to go to the fabric store and pick up another 1 1/2 yards. After school and the usual evening routine, I wasn't able to get back to them till 7:30-8:00, finally got them done about 9:00pm. She wanted to wear them for pj day at school the next day, that was the urgency.

This is a close up of the fabric, aren't the banana peels so cute.

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Cindy said...

homemade pj's ... how cool!