Saturday, January 31, 2009

Girl Scout Creation

My girl scout troop is at the age where they will be bridging to Cadettes, so they have to fulfill some requirements to do so. Last weekend we went to Camp Fleming Lodge, to an over night event for them to earn all of their requirements in one weekend. One of the items they needed to bring was a centerpiece with the theme of "What I want to do after bridging from Juniors to Cadettes". So I had the idea of paper flowers with some Badges and awards they want to earn as Cadettes in the center. They chose some I copied them and glued them to these paper flowers, attached them to some chenille stems and put them in foam in this cute little bucket container. I was going to use terracotta pots, but the first one the dog managed to cause it to hit the floor and it cracked, and the next one just slipped right out of my hands, so I decided to go unbreakable with the bucket.
This is my troop at breakfast on Sunday, before they presented their piece.

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