Sunday, January 11, 2009

Creation from way back

My oldest daughter was cleaning up her room and came across this picture of my youngest daughter when she was about 3. We were on a weekend trip to Monterey, this was in Pacific Grove where we stayed. The creation is the little sundress she is wearing. I had gotten a sewing machine for Mother's Day that year because I wanted to teach my oldest how to sew from a pattern. So we went to the fabric store, found a fairly simple pattern, it had been since 7th grade home ec when I had last looked at a pattern, so I didn't want to get anything complicated, we picked out this cute fabric, and the ric rac trim. We had a great time sewing it, and when you can make an article of clothing out of a yard of fabric, it is pretty cheep too. Oh, and isn't she just the cutest thing.

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Cindy said...

I want to start sewing. You give me inspiration!