Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Chaos That Is My Life Right Now

Why do I have an empty Formal Living Room???
With two rooms of furniture squeezed into one family room...

Why do I have an empty office???

With my office furniture in my foyer...

The answer...This psycho cat doesn't know where he is supposed to use the bathroom. He has totally ruined the carpet in my office and has moved into the formal livingroom. The obvious answer would be to kick that cat to the curb, but he has never lived outside, there are coyotes here and my girls and I are sure he would get eaten. :( Other than his obvious flaw he is a beautiful and very loving cat, and we don't want to lose him. So what is the answer? The bad news is he will probably start spending nights in the garage (night is when he seems to do it, during the day I see him in the box). The upside to the whole thing is that I now get to extend my hardwood from the foyer into both of these rooms, yeah!!! That is what is in the boxes he's sitting on. The installation starts tomorrow, they should be done in a day or two, however I have to live in this mess for a week, since Michael works out of town, and won't be home till next weekend. The mess makes it hard to think and function. It could be a long week, pray for me. I'll update this story when things are back to normal.

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Tara... said...

aww! i really know the feeling when your doing something and the cat comes and sits RIGHT in the middle! endearing though... :)
your floors are lovely :) i do hope they go in okay - and the dresses you made a few posts down is beautiful too. very vintagy :)
Love Tara (sewgorgeous)
p.s. im here from swap-bot. your daughter included your link in one of her swaps so i thought id drop by!