Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This was me...

two nights ago. Sitting on a curb with low blood sugar.

a couple weeks ago I was having high blood sugars at bedtime so my diabetic educator recommended taking a walk more vigorous than a casual walk, about an hour after I eat my dinner. Twice this week I have gone low, once after the walk when I got home and the second time was during my walk. So I sat on the curb tested my blood sugar it was 51, I ate four glucose tablets (yes, I take these things with me for this very reason, I have posted about these things before here). Luckily Michael was on this walk with Bentley and I, so he walked back to the house and got the car to come back and pick me up, otherwise I would have been sitting there for 15 minutes for my blood sugar to come back up. It's so frustrating, I haven't cried about my condition in a while, but I did sitting there.

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