Thursday, June 23, 2011

Like my toothbrush and hairbrush..

These things have become such a huge part of my daily routine, they are like my tooth and hair brushes.
From left. My meter, I have posted about this thing before. This gives me an idea of where my blood sugars are. The devise with the blue button on it is my finger poker. People say to me, "it must be hard to give yourself shots, does it hurt?" Well, poking my fingers then squeezing blood out of them hurts more than the injections. After all, that is where all my nerve endings are, and I test my blood more times per day than I do an injection. I test at least 7 times per day, before each meal, 2 hours after each meal and at bedtime. I will also test myself if I'm going to drive anywhere so that's even more times. If I feel like my blood sugar has gone low I will test more then as well. Next, the two vials of insulin. The one on the left is my fast acting insulin, which I take before every meal, to work on the carbs I'm about to eat. The next one is a slow, long lasting one, it last about 24 hours, I take that shot at night around 9:30 pm before I go to bed. The syringes, well those are obvious, I use to inject the insulin, 4 shots per day (1 before each meal and one at bedtime. The small black bottle are the test strips that I insert into my meter and apply my blood, the meter reads it and gives me a number, that is roughly what my current blood sugar is. The alchohol swabs, after I poke my finger I wipe it, then I wipe the top of the insulin vile before I draw it into the syringe, I wipe the spot where I give my injection, then I wipe it again after the injection. The thing that looks like a check book is what I chart all of my blood sugar numbers on, maybe you can see the graph on the top. I also keep track of how much insulin I take, how many carbs I eat per meal and bedtime snack, I also use it to count Weight Watchers points in the food I eat as well. Every day, every meal and sometimes in between I use these things, they are a huge part of my daily routine.

These things I keep in my purse or on my nightstand (incase I go low during the night) at all times for emergency, but hope not to use. The glucose tablets I keep incase my blood sugar goes low, I pop 4 and then check my blood about 15 minutes later to see if it has come back up to an acceptable level. The syringe in the orange case is incase my blood sugar goes so low that I pass out, someone would need to be able to give me this shot. Hope that never happens, and if it does I'm not alone.

So there it is, in a nutshell the gadgets I carry with me every where I go, I rely on for my life.

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