Friday, April 1, 2011

Meter Problem Call Customer Service???

So, yesterday evening, my blood sugar meter gives me this message. "Error 1 Problem With Meter, Call Customer Service". WTH, CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I need this thing, I depend on this thing, and I hate it, when stuff like this happens I feel so helpless, and that's not me. (By the way that isn't my meter and hand, my nails don't look that good). I was so frustrated, "What am I going to do?" Luckily the gentleman on the customer service line was very nice and the first thing he said was, "We will send you a replacement free, unforturnately it won't ship till tomorrow, and due to the weekend you won't get it till Monday." We did some trouble shooting and got it working again, but he said it was a surprise to him that it worked with the Error 1 message, and wasn't sure how long it would continue to work. Again, I NEED THIS THING. He did tell me that I could pick one up fairly cheep $20.00 at a drug store, to use as a back up. My Dr. could also write a prescription for an new one and my HMO would cover the cost of a new one as well, but it was 7:00 pm Dr. not in her office. I walked nextdoor (my Dr lives nextdoor to me), but she wasn't home. So I went to CVS and picked up this pretty little pink one. I love it because it's pink. But I hate that I'm dependent on such things.

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