Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I read last year

I posted here last year about New Year's Resolutions and the one I made last year to read more. Well I've been reading like a fiend. Here are several of the books I read, not in any particular order, I don't remember the order I just hope I remember them all.
I really liked this book, It made me think about what I wanted to do with my life, especially in the area of service.
Liked this one too. Not that I'm Hindu, but it made me think about my spirituality, my relationship with my savior Jesus and God. We hadn't gone to church in a few years. We stopped when my husband broke his leg, and it was difficult for him to get from the large parking lot, and sometimes there were only seats in the bleachers, (yes our church has bleachers) so he couldn't get up there, yada yada I know devil's excuses. Anyway, after I read this book I decided we needed to get back to church and worshipping God.

My oldest daughter recommended this one. I really liked it (let's just put it out there, I liked them all to some point). This is a Biblical fiction about Queen Esther.

Since I just started my life of reading, this is my first Danielle Steele. It was kind of a typical love story, but the main woman was hiding from the life she grew up in, until she met a man that brought her right back to it. It made me think about that I am kind of a shy person, and I have been hiding from my role of Superintendent's wife by not living with my husband where he works, and that in his next position, I would step out of my comfort zone and be more visible by the community where he works.

This one started out as a typical, he meets she and they fall in love, but somewhere in the middle the relationship got weird, and the ending was totally unexpected.

I picked this up in the bargain boxes at the book store. The woman in this story is going through a divorce, has to sell their house, but decides she doesn't want anyone else living in it so she decides she will burn it down. This one made me think about how you should put your relationship before a house. Which is kind of what we have been doing by my not moving to where my husband works.

Again, my first Jodi Picoult book. The boy in this book as Asperger's decease. I have a nephew that has this as well. The boy in the book's case is much more severe than my nephew's. My nephew lived with us when he was 5 & 6. He was diagnosed much later in life than this boy, however it explains some of his behaviour.

I read this one because it is the sequel to Love Story which I read last year. It didn't end the way I thought it would.

I read several more of this series. I'm up to number 11, there are 16 we'll see if I can complete it this year.

My daughter-in-law recommended this one and the next. This was so sad, but I loved it. About a Jewish girl whose family was arrested in the middle of the night during the holocaust. I had my 13 year old daughter read this, she liked it as well.
This one is about 2 little girls lost in the woods. It disturbed my sleep, I read in bed at night. I had my daughter read this one as well. It was really good.

Occasionally I read books that my 13 year old wants me to read, this is one of them. She likes books that make her think. This is about the possibility of a fountain of youth, and being able to live forever. However, the obvious problem is reproducing. Would you choose to not have children so that you could live forever???

Another one my teenager wanted me to read. This one is about a very rich man that cloned himself in order to live forever. I liked it better than the first one. The only problem with reading books that she recommends is that she has already told me about the story while she was reading it, so I already know how they will end.
I've read some books by Rachel Gibson, they are fluffy romance, but they fill in the space between some of the thought provoking books that I have read.
Probably the only one I didn't really like much was about some children being raised by hippies, that was a bargain box book as well.
I hope I got them all, I donated them to the Good Will so I can't go back and take a look.
Looking forward to see what I read this year. Right now, I'm reading 3 at one time. I'm reading The Purpose Driven Life, hopefully to find out just exactly what God wants me to do with the rest of my life. I'm reading the Bible again, I started in the early 2000's but I didn't finish it. I have a little outline that has reading everyday, so if I stick with it, I will complete it at the end of this year. And, I'm reading a book by Jennifer Lancaster "Bitter is The New Black". I read one of hers last year and really enjoyed it, so I'm doing it again.
Hope you try some of these books, if you haven't already, and enjoy!!!

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