Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vacation Day 7, August 7th

With one full day left in Cancun, we decided to go to a different beach we had seen during our travels. It was much nicer at this beach, no grassy stuff.

A rare photo of me in my bathing suit.

Amanda never went in the water, and Brian would jump in and be out too far for me to get pictures before I got my towel laid out in the sand, so it was pretty much Michael and Hannah in most of my beach pictures.

After the beach, we took the guys to the mall we found to get some lunch. This day was the day we got pulled over by the Mexican police, for speeding, not sure if Michael was speeding everything was in kilos, he was moving with the flow of the traffic, but we must have looked like good targets. Michael's choices were, go to court the next day (we were going home, not happening), or pay the "fine" to them right then. Well Michael negotiated from $80.00 to $40.00. We guessed they needed money for dinner. This was probably the one thing that disappointed me the most about being there, if you can't trust the authorities to not take advantage of you, you really couldn't trust anyone. Dinner was back at our favorite restaurant, the Havana Moon that night.

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