Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sad Day in Entertainment Today

First I get on the computer this morning, and I see this bulletin. Farrah Fawcett died at age 62. Charlies Angel's ran during my high school years. All the guys were crazy about her, all the girls wanted to be her. She was so beautiful.

Oh, and she inspired girls like me to do this to their hair, if they were lucky enough to be blonde.

Then, this afternoon The King of Pop. I have been listening to my radio station take phone calls about Michael Jackson, and playing his music. The majority of the calls were from people not even born during his most successful time. All they could talk about was his allegations. The more I listened to it the angrier I got. I am only 3 years younger than he, I have a 22 & 12 year old, they don't know the Michael Jackson I grew up with, they just think he is a "freak" in their words. They don't know The little Michael of the Jackson 5, or the Michael from the Thriller era, except from videos. He was a great entertainer, a great dancer and will surely be missed. I hate to admit this, but when the radio station played "ABC" I cried.
When I was looking for pictures, there were so many of him later in life, I choose to remember him like this:

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