Monday, May 11, 2009

Fat House Cat II

Whose crate is this anyway??? Bentley's (the dog) that's whose. A couple weeks back Bentley was at the groomers, sooooo while the cat's away the mouse will play, oh I think I have that wrong, while the dog's away the cat will sleep in his crate! I was at work but Amanda just happened to be home that day to catch him in the act. He has always loved boxes, if you put a box on the ground he has always gotten in it. The problem is, he has gotten a lot bigger but he doesn't know it. If you put a shoe box on the ground he will try to put his big body into it, and it doesn't fit. That is his brother Samson laying next to him, wishing he had thought of it first. For more of the "Fat House Cat" go here.

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