Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Break Trip

Well, tomorrow is the day Hannah and I spend a few days with Michael in the little town he lives and works in. The house he rents doesn't have internet access (he just gets on-line at work if he needs to), so if we want to get on-line we have to go to his office. I'm hoping to get my latest project completed, but I will have to take my sewing machine with me. Maybe I will get some reading done. I know Hannah will, she reads a lot more than I do. We will be visiting some family members that live near by, some are a couple hours away, but they are certainly closer to him there than they are to me here. So we will be taking Bentley our dog, and Snickers our guinea pig, but leaving the 3 cats at home with the big sis, her Spring Break was this week, so she has classes next week.

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