Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Creating Christmas in my home!

These first 3 pictures are of some things that I have collected over the years. The home we bought 4 years ago has alot of space above the kitchen cabinets. So rather than having all these items on the counter or on tables throughout the house I decided to put them all up on the cabinets, I liked the way it looked and I thought that it would also keep the cats from knocking them over, but I do have one small female cat that jumps up on the cabinets, and takes a little nap in the snow around Santa's Sleigh. And of course there is another one of my Nativities.

I strung some burgundy and gold beads, and hung some of my newer gold ornaments on this chandelier.  Hannah actually made the centerpiece.  It was an activity for a girl scout badge. I have had the girl scouts working on the "Art in the Home" badge.  One of the activities was to go to a craft store and pick out items to make a centerpiece or flower arrangement.  Another activity was to make a Holiday centerpiece, so I decided to combine the two activities.  I went to the craft store ahead of time and picked out the base of the arrangement (the greenery), then we went shopping, and I had the girls pick out christmas items they would like to decorate their centerpieces with.  Hannah picked out all the embellishments and the candles.  She did a great job.

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