Friday, August 5, 2011

My two patients

July 11 Michael went to the dr with pains in his lower abdomen, thought he strained something. She referred him to the ER to do some tests to rule out appendicitis, well the tests confirmed it and by 11:30 pm he was having an appendectomy. The good thing was they let him go home right after the surgery, we were asleep in our own bed by 2:15 am, alot better than trying to sleep in a hospital room and waiting all day to be discharged.

On July 14 we had already scheduled oral surgery for Hannah. She had her wisdom teeth surgically removed. She did well, she did swell up alot and her jaws bruised, but she has a pretty high pain tolerance so she wanted to go somewhere the same afternoon of the surgery. Her big sister slept for days after her surgery. So for a few days there I was the house nurse.

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