Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I never win any blog giveaways...

Until now.

Several weeks ago I see this plee on Facebook from Kim at Texting My Pancreas looking for "Grammie" who had won the medical id bracelet. I thought to myself, "I'm Grammie, does my google screen name say Grammie" so I went back to my entry, and sure enough it was me. I totally forgot that I had entered the contest on the You Can Do This Project site, and like I said I never win anything, so I didn't really give it another thought. With the help if Kim and the wonderful folks at Hope Paige Medical, I ordered this really nice medical id bracelet.

It's sweet and simple. It is called the Sweet Heart, look the links are shaped like hearts, they are soooo cute. I love it. Thank you to Kim for hosting this giveaway, and to the people at Hope Paige.

1 comment:

Kim said...

It's so very cute! I'm glad we got it all straightened out. :)