Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bag Lady Strikes Again!!

I love cute bags of all kinds, so much so my girls call me the bag lady. Before we moved I went to one of my favorite little businesses and bought this yummy cupcake, well while I was there I spotted this cute little bag. I pointed it out to my daughter (who by the way shares my affinity for bags), but I asked her and myself, "what would I use it for?"
I left without purchasing it. When I started packing to move it came to me what I would use it for. Now that I have diabetes, when I go on vacation I feel like I'm packing a diaper bag again. I have to have all my supplies (extra syringes, test strips, glucose tablets, lancets all that jazz), and food. I told my daughter, "wouldn't that "Cupcake" bag be cute and kind of ironic to carry my diabetes supplies", she said "yes" so I bought it. It makes me happy just looking at it, can't wait to use it again.

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kerri said...

Lovelovelove the cupcake bag! :]

A kid at work has a bag made of Kool-Aid Jammers packets [. One of my coworkers began collecting Jammers pouches to make us all bags out of ;). [You guys have Jammers in the US, right?]

Anyway, the cupcake bag adorable :] -- think I need to find my mom one for her birthday! :]