Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Spring Vacation in Pictures

It all begins Sunday with a 4 hour trip south down Hwy 99.

We loaded up the trunk, packed up Bentley our dog and Snickers the Guinea Pig (he has a bigger cage at Michael's house). They get settled in for the trip and off we go.

Monday evening we traveled south down Hwy 99 again to see my step-son, daughter-in-law and grand-son. Isn't he cute, he took Papa's shoes off so he could wear them.

Wednesday, as I was standing at the kitchen window I looked up and this is what I saw, a cow. I don't see that when I stand at my kitchen sink at home.

Thursday, Hannah and I decided to take a little walk and the next few pictures are some of the things we saw.

Obviously, in the country you will see some horses. Oops, that pole goes right down the middle of that horses face. (Forgive my primitive picture taking.)

Hannah decided this duck's name is Pablo. She really wants a duck.

The destination of our walk. Java Time, this is Auberry's version of Starbucks. Not sure if you can tell, that is a bear carved out of wood lying on top of the sign. These bears are everywhere, welcoming you to Au"bear"y.

Someone had some pretty tulips planted in their yard.

Not sure what this is, kind of big for an out house, but it does have a wooden cut out of an old timey water spicket on the door, so maybe it is a "water closet", (which is what they call the small portion of my master bathroom where the toilet is). On the other hand, it is located right out on the road, so it probably isn't a toilet, not much privacy.

Surprisingly, Hannah didn't name these Alpacas, the odd thing about them is that each one is missing an ear, the brown one is missing it's left and the white is missing it's right??????

Totally confused by this, my best guess is that it is some kind of counter weight incase of high winds??? There is a cable running from the top portion of one tree to the bottom of another. There is a big chunk of wood attached to the cable about half way down????? Please explain.

Michael was off on Good Friday, so Thursday afternoon we loaded up the trunk, packed up Bentley and Snickers and headed North up Hwy 99 home. We had a great time, visiting with family, but it's nice to be home.


♥ GRACE ♥ said...

hello hello... :-) i'm here visiting ur blog... love the dog! cuttteeee! i have a dog too, but he's big, a labrador.. check him out in my blog... :-)

Cindy said...

We loved seeing you guys, too! Yeah, the country is only quaint for so long.