Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Contribution to Thanksgiving

Some years ago, (memory fades) I made this Chocolate Pie and my oldest daughter, Amanda absolutely fell in love with it. Then one Thanksgiving someone else made a chocolate pie and she didn't care for it as much, so from that point on I had to make her this pie specially. The main difference between the two pies was that I use a graham craker crust and the other pie had a regular dough pie crust. All I know is that she didn't like it. This pie isn't very pretty, but it is tasty, and simple. Store bought graham pie crust, one large box of instant chocolate pudding. Follow the instruction for pie, put a piece of plastic wrap on top of it during the chilling process. It would be much prettier with whip cream on it, but she doesn't like it that way. Last year my youngest daughter, Hannah decided she wanted a special pie. After visiting the buffet at the near by casino, we have decided that she and I really like coconut cream pie. So she asked that her special pie could be coconut cream. The pie crust is a store bought dough crust, pre-bake the crust. Again the pie filling is coconut cream pudding. After the crust cools, fill the crust, and let it chill, you don't have to put plastic on this one because
you cover it with whipped cream, then add a little toasted coconut on top. Mmmm! I'm sure both of these pies would be very good with all home made ingredients, but my girls love them just the way they are. Have I mentioned how much I "love" semi-homemade?

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