Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let's go back to October for a moment

This was a semi-creation. Two days before Halloween, Hannah still didn't know what she wanted to be for Halloween, so we went off to the thrift stores. When she walked in to one she saw a fur coat and announced "I can be Cruella DeVil." I said "yes you can", because to my girl's disgust I already owned this "fine faux fur", and yes, I wore it. We bought the black dress and the red pumps at the thrift store, the hair paint, gloves and cigarette filter at a Halloween store and turned my baby into this "classic creepy character".
When she grabbed her pumpkin trick or treat bag, it just wouldn't do. So I decided to make her this more fitting trick or treat bag. A half yard of white felt, cut out some black felt pieces into spots, hot glued them on and sewed the handles on and she has a lovely "dalmation" bag. No animals were harmed for this costume. We thought about spraying black spots on our white Maltese, Bentley but thought twice and didn't.
As a footnote. This is my baby Hannah on her first Halloween, October 1997. Wasn't she just the cutest dalmation you ever saw. I went to the thrift store (as usual) found an all white blanket sleeper, put spots on with a black sharpie, sewed black and white felt ears on the hood. You can't see it but I sewed a piece of red felt around the neck to look like a collar, it also had a round gold sequin (from one of her sisters dance costumes) for a dog tag. Too bad we didn't have as much imagination back then, her sister should have been Cruella DeVil, but I didn't think of it, and she wanted to be The Cat in the Hat.

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