Monday, October 20, 2008

Are There Treasures in That Chest??

When Hannah wanted a chest for her room, and her treasures, my frugality sent me to the thrift stores and antique stores once again. I found a chest at the antique store, it was covered in ripped bamboo fabric and bamboo trim. The owners originally wanted $195.00 for that piece of junk. By the time I came around it had been marked down to $50.00, which was still too high but I bought it anyway. I looked it over, could tell by the inside that it was a good sturdy pine box. Once I pulled all the fabric off, I could see that it was a little ratty at the bottom so I put some small molding trim around it. Hannah decided that she wanted to be able to sit on it, so we got some foam, some fabric that coordinated with her room, and with white paint I already had, voila we now have this lovely creation that one of our cats thinks is his throne.

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Amanda said...

i know what i want!